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Momofuku soy sauce, tamari, chili crunch, and trio of seasoned salts
This best-selling pack has everything you need to season, sauce, and spice up your favorite dishes.
Liquids Starter Pack
Take your recipes to the next level with our restaurant-grade versions of Soy Sauce, Tamari, and Sesame Oil
Jar of Chili Crunch, bottle of soy sauce, jar of savory seasoned salt
Power up your cooking with these three essentials: Chili Crunch, Soy Sauce, and Savory Seasoned Salt.
Jar of Chili Crunch in front of chilis
Because one jar is never enough, our most popular size of spicy-crunchy Chili Crunch is what you need.
Soy Sauce & Tamari 2-Pack
Our restaurant-grade duo is your go-to for sushi, sashimi, and more. Tamari does not contain gluten.
Jars of savory, tingly, and spicy seasoned salt
Banish blandness with all three flavors of our supercharged salt and pepper: Savory, Spicy, and Tingly.
Jar of Chili Crunch in front of chilis
Add a flash of heat and texture to your favorite dishes with our cult favorite spicy-crunchy chili oil.
Toasted Sesame Oil 2-Pack
Lightly toasted and cold-pressed, our Toasted Sesame Oil is unlike any sesame oil you’ve had before.
Bottle of Momofuku soy sauce
Our soy sauce is made from organic ingredients and steeped with kombu to unlock a world of depth and flavor.
Bottle of Momofuku tamari
Our tamari is made from organic ingredients and naturally does not contain gluten.
10oz pouch of tingly seasoned salt
Tingly Seasoned Salt is a jolt of flavor that blends Sichuan peppercorns with a touch of citrus.
10oz pouch of spicy seasoned salt
Spicy Seasoned Salt is a flash of heat that blends gochugaru, cayenne pepper, and dried chilis.