Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Chili Crunch White Sauce
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    All of our fan favorites in one easy pack. Get our noodles, Chili Crunch, Soy Sauce, Savory Seasoned Salt and get cooking.
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    • Black Truffle Chili Crunch Burger

      This burger is the ultimate indulgence. It’s packed with the savory superpowers of our Momofuku Soy Sauce and Savory Seasoned Salt, plus our Momofuku Black Truffle Chili Crunch to gi...
    • Double Decker Chili Crunch Patty Melt

      This patty melt uses Chili Crunch in both the special sauce and also on top of the cheese, making an extra spicy version of one of our favorite sandwiches. We opted for a double deck...