Ghost Pepper Chili Crunch Wings
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    Super Spicy Pack

    This pack features the hottest Momofuku products: Spicy Soy Noodles, Spicy Seasoned Salt, Extra Spicy Chili Crunch and our extraordinarily spicy Ghost Pepper Chili Crunch.
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    • Ghost Pepper Chili Crunch Hot Wings

      Our Ghost Pepper Chili Crunch packs serious heat when added to chicken wings—and it’s the ultimate game day snack. The butter helps cut some of the spice, so taste your sauce and add...
    • Braised Chicken & Mushrooms with Tingly Crispy Noodles

      This easy weeknight recipe is very similar to a chicken and mushroom noodle bake—it’s creamy, savory, and as a bonus: it’s topped with crispy Momofuku noodles. Be sure to opt for chi...