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    Chili Crunch

    Add a flash of heat and texture to your favorite dishes with our cult favorite spicy-crunchy chili oil.

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  • 874 reviews

    Spicy & Tingly Salt Duo

    Spicy is a flash of heat and Tingly is a jolt of flavor. Use this duo together or apart to heat up your weeknight cooking.
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  • 223 reviews

    Soy Sauce

    Our soy sauce is made from organic ingredients and steeped with kombu to unlock a world of depth and flavor.

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  • 56 reviews

    Momofuku Chopsticks

    You can’t go wrong with a set of our engraved reusable bamboo chopsticks.

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  • 25 reviews

    Chili Crunch Spoon

    You can’t go wrong with our engraved reusable bamboo spoon—the perfect utensil f...

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